COD has become the most popular mobile game since PUBG

Looking back over the past decade. Significantly, there has been a significant increase in mobile phones. In modern times, people have shown a tendency to play more military games or online games.

COD became the most popular mobile game during the transition to PUBG

For the past two years, Pub G has become the most popular online game. It still dominates the game market for better graphics and more numbers. However, there has been a challenge that stole several places from G pubs.
The performance row successfully hit all previous recordings. Duty Call has been downloaded over 100 million times in the first week. That’s almost 5 times more than PUBG, with 28 million, or Fortnite successful in their first week after its release. The reason for this success is simple and clear. Cell phones already had a huge fan base before the mobile version arrived. At the same time, the popularity of mobile games is growing in popularity. Pub g is now in second place while Minecraft is in third place.

See? Than ‘Call of Duty’ came to life on Android

The mobile work phone is the same as the old model. This game helps many different maps. They include Crash, Nuketown and Killhouse, which can be easily identified by former job seekers. It’s also exciting and exciting for new users. Alternatively, the game offers a variety of games. So, death games are free for all modes. Most importantly, there are many types of weapons in the game.
Tencent is the creator of a task call. According to the budget, they earned just $ 17.7 million in the first month. It is hoped that the profit will increase with more damage during the rainy season.
All of the above discussion has a clear argument. We live in a world of Ultra smartphones with a huge amount of RAM and excellent graphics. Where the gaming business thrives.

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