IT exports grew 14 percent in the first quarter of the century

Pakistan’s data science exports saw a 14 percent increase in the first quarter (August-Sep) of 2019-2020 and remained at $ 234.607 million compared to $ 205.797 million over the same period. last year.
This was revealed by officials of the Information and Telecommunications Department while speaking to this author.

Exports from the IT sector saw a 14pc growth in the first quarter

Officials said after the direction of the cooperative minister for Information and Telecommunication Technology, Federal IT Minister and Communications Minister Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui monitored the performance of the Pakistan Natural Resources Board for the first three months of Financial Year 2019-20 (June-June).
The Managing Director (MD) and senior PSEB officials have briefed the Federal IT and Telecommunication Secretariat on the PSEB’s performance during the period from July to September this year.
The Federal Secretary of the IT Minister found that 14% of IT shipments increased during the period from June-October 2019 compared to the first 3 months of the 2018-19 financial year as they increased. from $ 205.797 million to $ 234.607 million.
The Federal Secretary noted that the number of PSEBs registered with IT and IT did IT (IT) increased to 2,059 in September this year, compared to 1820 official registrations in September 2018 which showed a spike of 13.13% growth.
PSEB MD says PSEB has facilitated the participation of Pakistani IT companies at the international level at GiTEX Dubai 2019, Pakistan Tech Summit 2019, Norway and Canada-Pakistan ICT forum held in Toronto in September. He also said that PSEB’s participation organized 20 IT companies at ITCN Asia 2019 held in Karachi in September.
The Secretary of the IT Federation has also found that PSEB has organized a training session for the Business Advisor to prove it to Pakistan’s IT business.
The chairman was informed that the operation of 11 international IT certifications, including ISO 27001, ISO20001 and CMMI level-2, had begun with the cooperation of PSEB.
The Federal Secretary for the Ministry of IT thanks the PSEB’s management for good performance during the first three months of the 2019-20 financial year.

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