WhatsApp has filed a complaint with the Israeli intelligence agency

NSO is a government legal entity. This time, it applies to Israel. The organization’s main purpose is to provide information and technology to selected intelligence agencies. To law enforcement agencies that help combat terrorism and crime.

Israeli security groups criticize WhatsApp for spying
Recently, it took charge of looga WhatsApp. WhatsApp says more than 1,400 NSO users are involved in spying. The user’s website is said to be compiled from four different continents. This means we can see it as a global fraud. The victims come from a variety of backgrounds. They include politicians, journalists, activists, journalists, and senior government officials.

WhatsApp filed a lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco. The NSO is accused of giving kidnappers to more than 20 countries. But so far only three countries have been identified, including the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and Bahrain. WhatsApp tells viewers that over 100 members of the community were victims of theft.

Let me tell you how NSO used the abuse. According to WhatsApp, they used video calling on their devices. Using them, they send a protocol to a large number of users. Abortion works for its clients, including government agencies and intelligence agencies. They portray mobile operators very clearly, enter their digital lives and value it.

Labor People, an online research lab at the University of Toronto, has joined WhatsApp to investigate phone theft. They told Reuter’s victims were part of a prominent television personality, a prominent woman who was a victim of straight-up hate crimes against men and women.

There, the NSO explained the allegation. They say they are fighting against the law. We can only wait for the outcome of this case

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